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This year i would like masonic education given by the brethren at every stated meeting. Themasonictrestleboard download themasonictrestleboard ebook pdf or read online books in pdf, epub, and mobi format. Trestle board page 17 winter garden masonic lodge no. The trestleboard has been a central tool for masonic teachings, but the form of the trestleboard has changed throughout time. The masonic home of florida the masonic home of florida is situated on 18 acres of lush landscaping on the shore of coffee pot bayou in st. Johns lodge will have to have an email address on file with us to continue receiving the trestle board. Kenney 20 chiddington gate, london, on n6c 4y3 520 belvedere ave. Trestleboard fort collins freemasonry the trails toward further light. Hayward isnt a member of our lodge, many brethren attended, and ro. A pdf copy of the 2019 2020 trestle board is downloadable from here. Click here to download the trestle board in pdf format for easy printing. Download pdf themasonictrestleboard free online new. Trestle board for winchester area masonic bodies masonic.

See more ideas about masonic art, freemasonry and masonic symbols. Lot of 7 masonic mason freemason freemasonry lodge ritual master books etc. In ancient times the need for secrecy was larger, as dis and misinformation about freemasonry required its members to pay particular close attention to what, and how, masonic teachings were given. Brothers moons and carnegy, agrceably to a vote of the lato. June 2019 masonic trestle board lombardy hallcome out and enjoy the fellowship. Masonic trestle board a design blueprint for master masons. Starting in the middle ages, a masonic trestle board was a design board that the master workman architect used to draw his plans and designs upon to give the stonemasons on a project an outline of each days work to be performed. A masonic trestle board is a design board for the master workman or architect to draw his plans and designs upon to give the workmen an outline of the work that needs to be performed. Chester 94 masonic lodge may 2020 trestleboard 4111 dodomeade street, chester, va. Click any where on this line to download this months full trestle board. Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user. The proud 17th masonic district loves to lead the way. The masonic year is in high gear now and already we have so much accomplished as a lodge see w. Articles and pictures submitted become the property of this publication.

Tilden ashlar 610 london east district deputy grand master r. No trestle board prior to the april 2019 edition is available on line. As the year progresses new events will be posted in our trestle board and on our website. Grand lodge of massa chusetts, unite in the approval of the tbebtleboard, prepared by. In france the trestleboard was termed le tableau, which is more likely in reference to painting the board of later years, and in england it was often called a tracing board, for it was the tyler that had to trace the symbols from memory. New listing kjv holy bible master reference red letter edition masonic heirloom 1964. Shriners hospitals for children scottish rite foundation of florida inc. Most computers have reader already installed, but if yours does not, click here to get the free download.

Patuxent masonic lodge was chartered on may 10, 1927, under the jurisdiction of the grand lodge of ancient free. Taylor street green bay, wi 54303 board newsletter library notes alice byrnes, dls 9206629191 the most recent display in the north. Figure 6 depicts the celestial sphere or globe that is placed on one of the two pillars found on either side of the senior warden in the masonic lodge. Simply click on the link below to view the current issue.

Figure 5 is the trestleboard of the third degree, or master mason degree. The masonic cipher badass jeep, boards, pdf, stamp, history, sup boards. This choice, waterfront location has been owned and operated by the grand lodge of florida since the early 1900s, and shares a centuryold tradition with the city of st. September from the east october greetings ladies and brethren. Gentlemen, looking at the august tag report we are not leading, in fact we are pretty far down the list behind broward, duval, hillsborough, miamidade counties. The most recent trestle board will always be at the top of the list shown below. Each month we are making strides in finishing tasks, putting on programs, in addition to our usual business of degrees, catechisms and running the lodge. On february 16, 2014 will be the masonic bbq, starting at 11. All other organizations and masonic members outside of st. If interested in being a speaker call me at 9285034356. Trestle board patuxent lodge 218 official site ancient. A trestle board is a framework consisting of usually 3 vertical. Click download or read online button to themasonictrestleboard book pdf for free now.

In order to be effective, an employer must communicate clearly to is employees, a father to his children, and a master to his officers and members. Lodge leadership program is item b attached to this trestle board. The key symbolic figure in this board for this paper is the royal arch, which is discussed in figure. Adapted to the national system of work and lectures as revised. The masonic trestle board adapted to the work and lectures of lodges as practised in the united states of america. A senior wardens planning guide grand lodge of maine. Beginning january 1, 2016 we will be moving away from printed and mailing of our trestleboard to only offering digital versions for download and home printing on your printer and online and mobile device viewing via an continue reading trestleboard. Masters trestleboard april, 2016 king solomons lodge no. These permanent boards eventually were replaced by tracing boards, one for each degree, which were generally smaller, more durable, and illustrated the same points when taken together. New masonic trestleboard, by you, i take pleasure in recoin.

Here is the link 20192020 wilson district trestle board. We have had several very good degrees and communications, including one with our brothers from. Permission is granted to use contents of this trestle board for masonic purposes, as long as credit is given to the source. How to make your trestleboard more interesting communication is necessary to a successful life or to a successful lodge. I ask each of you to reflect on your masonic experiences over this last year. Just click on the month you want to see, and the trestle board page will open for that month then click on the page icon and the tb will open in pdf format. Starting in the middle ages, a masonic trestle board was a design board that the master. As master, it is my duty to provide the brethren with instructions whereby we may all pur. In the masonic ritual, the speculative freemason is reminded that, as the operative artists erects his temporal building in accordance with the rules and designs laid down on the trestleboard of the master workman, so should he erect that spiritual building, of which the material is a type, in obedience to the rules and designs, the precepts.

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