Make wreath with pages from book

Next, i placed cones made from the full size book page to make 4 quadrants north, south, east, west. An easy diy craft tutorial idea for beautiful home decor that you can display all year long. I recommend starting with 20 pages and adding more later if needed. How to make a book page paper wreath the crafty blog stalker. To hang the wreath, just tie some twine or clear fishing line, thats it. I tore out about 50 pages from the book and made sure they were ones that had equally spaced texted on either side basically i didnt want a big chapter title or large dark font showing up on my wreath. Ive been eyeing these great book page wreaths for a while now, and finally got around to making my own last weekend. Book page wreath tutorial how to make a book page wreath. All you need is a book or several, if youre using skinny paperbacks, a stapler, a foam board or wreath, and a glue gun. Getting organized, i set up my materials and decided that since i was making one mini book page wreath i might as well go ahead and make several.

Theyre big, colorful, and a pretty decoration for the holidays or anytime, depending on your choice of. I scooped up some old books in the free box at my local library, and straw wreath forms at a local garage sale. How to make a heart shaped book page wreath youtube. Join me as i make a farmhouse book page heart wreath inspired by the diy mommy. An old book or two, for a total of at least 330 pages which comes to 165 sheets of paper. This video shows a cheap and easy way to create a beautiful book. Continue gluing them all the way around the circle. Id just seen a book page wreath on the shabby creek cottage so when i found this old book in my donate pile, i knew i could make my own book page wreath. Wrap it around something round to form the ring, then bend the tips into the shape you see in the photo above. I had a little bit of a difficult time making a deco mesh wreath using this book. I cut the pages in half since i was using a smaller wreath base.

If you want another great option for valentines day, then you can make this simple paper heart garland, this glittery hearts wreath, or this nosew fabric valentine wreath. Last year i made a rather large book page wreath to hang over our mantel. Using a pencil, roll your book page from one corner to the next to make a tube. I watched a movie while i rolled the pages up one by one to make it easier when i went to put them on the wreath form. Old book pages, approximately 200250 books can be found at thrift stores, yard or library sales, and even auctions, but avoid brittle pages. Start by rolling each book page on a diagonal and hot glue the bottom corner to the roll.

How to make a book page wreath celebrate every day with me. See more ideas about book page wreath, book pages and book crafts. Yearround wreaths, swags, and other decorations to make with seasonal branches by alethea harampolis and jill rizzo oct 7, 2014 4. X 2 then, crumble them around a pen or a marker to give it the ruffled look.

Continue gluing the pages around the base to create your first layer of the wreath. My version of the book page wreath satori design for living. You dont want to be able to see any of the ring between the pages. This is actually the back of your wreath and will make sense as we proceed. Instead of using her technique for folding the pages, i used the technique most people use to make a wreath out of coffee filters which i also plan on doing. The book page wreath has been around forever, but its usually made with the pages rolled into a cone shape often referred to as the dahlia wreath. That wreath also had shredded paper but it was in the form of easter grass rather than a shred book pages. While those are quite beautiful, i wanted to try something different. In developing the party theme of vintage books, burlap and lace, i made this book page wreath for her door. A list of all the materials used in the above tutorial can be found on my diy blog. Make a huge impact for pennies with this tutorial for a rolled book page wreath. This video demonstrates how to make a wreath with the pages torn from an old book.

The size of your wreath will determine how many roses you will need. Diy luscious wreath made from old book pages the spice. I am a lover of old books and words printed on almost anything so it was a given that i would fall in love with this book page wreath when i saw it on the internet. This past summer, my friend melissa deming of hive resources launched the paperback version of her book, daughters of the king it was super exciting and i was honored to help her with the book launch party. This beautiful book wreath is a great way to decorate your reading nook or library.

I love that this rolled book page wreath makes such a big decorative impact, but it. Old book the older the better as the pages will be more yellow and it will give a vintage look to your wreath. I fished some fine floral wire through the ring to hang the wreath. It probably took me a just over an hour to make this entire wreath while we watched a christmas movie last night. We brought it home and turned into a beautiful, romantic wreath. Ive been looking for the perfect book page wreath to make because i have a damaged antique book with beautiful gold leafed pages. Using the same hole, draw a 10 circle inside of the 12 circle. This back row helps cover the foam core and gives it some. Book page wreath made in 3 easy steps sparkles of sunshine. You could also use this technique to create a wreath using magazine pages, comic book pages, or even tissue paper or construction. After taking down my winter wreath, i had a bare spot on my wall.

How to make flowers out of book pages budget friendly diy ashleigh lauren. Old book craftsbook page craftsbook page artbook pagesfolded book artbook foldingpaper foldingwreath craftsdiy wreath. A4 piece of cardboard i used the insert from a carton of beer left over from christmas. The first step is to cut up the pages of your book into squares.

Punch what will feel like a million circles because you will need a lot of them. I found the easiest was to find a pencil with a good eraser. I thought it would be fun to create a mini book page wreath to go with it. Use a ruler and divide each page into equal sections vertically. How to make a paper rose from book pages diy recycling project home. Its not a very indepth book on how to make deco mesh wreaths. Next, remove the inner circle of the mason jar lid, you only need the outer ring. Its been sitting in our book box of guiltthose perfectly good books that we dont want and nobody else does eitherso it was a good candidate for ripping to pieces. Turn it over now so it looks like this and we will start the second row.

How to make a book page wreath, and more book art ideas. Book page wreath i adore this faux rosewood book page wreath. Then you start rolling and gluing the pages into rolls. I used 55 book pages for this wreath, so thats a good number to start with for a 9 inch wreath form. My husband is an art teacher and i have seen him do cool projects with book pages which then inspired to use the pages from the book to make a paper magnolia wreath. It is always better to estimate higher than you think. Vintage music wreath, 1919 high school song book, book lover gift, book page flowers, book wreath, book dahlia. Christmas decorating christmas wreath old book pages. Christmas decorations and christmas decorating you can make yourself. Start out by tearing your book pages from your book.

To make the center ruffle, take the 8 full pages and place vertically on a flat surface. I used about 150 sheets, 7 inches by 5 inches, to cover the wreath form. Halloween wreath made from book pages live laugh rowe. Book page wreath french farmhouse paper rose new size 12 this french book page wreath will add a of touch of romantic charm to your farmhouse, cottage, or apartment. I made the cones, did a dab of hot glue to make them stick together, then hot glued them onto the cardboard. Begin by punching lots of scallop circles out of the pages of the book. How to make a book page wreath the shabby creek cottage. Made with a cardboard frame and pages from a book, this diy wreath is so simple to make, yet gives any room in your home a stunning accent piece that everyone will love. Next, i cut out a circle from a large piece of a box just two circular objects a container lid for the outside, a bowl for the inside, then cut the circles with a box knife to create. Diy making a music sheet wreath by zassys treasures duration. This project was one of the ufos unfinished objects that i had started and then was stashed away. Each scallop circle will need to be scrunched and attached to the wreath form.

To start, i made a leaf stencil on card stock by simply drawing a leaf in the size i imagined a magnolia. The cool thing about this paper art wreath is that you can dress it up a little all through the year so. This book page wreath is a super easy project, but does take some time. After thinking about it for a bit i came up with what i thought was a brilliant idea and tutorial. I estimated that i would need roses but got tired and impatient. Fold without creasing, accordionstyle, in 1 strips.

This gives you a nice guideline on where to glue your first row of cones. Make a pretty, heart shaped wreath with recycled cardboard, and old book and a glue gun. How to make a dahlia book page wreath a wonderful thought. This step is optional but helps lend an aged effect to your book pages. Get super discounted makeup, nail polish, clothes, shoes etc.

Today i am going to share the tutorial of how to make this simple wreath from an old book. Once folded, take 4 of the ruffles and glue to center of wreath in a plussign pattern. Even children can help with scrunching and folding the pages. How to make a paper wreath using pages from a vintage book. Cheap decorating ideas, diy projects january 2, 2017. The ideas in the book are wonderful, but the instructions need to be a bit more indepth, and the book needs more pictures with the instructions to make it dummy proof. There are several book page wreaths out there for inspiration. So easy to create your own style with this wreath that is great decor for all year round. Christmas decorating christmas wreath old book pages youtube. Scrunched book paper wreath wreaths jessica joaquin.

The end result is unique and beautiful, and the wreath makes a wonderful gift for the book lovers in your life. How about a beautiful addition to a wrapped present. The combination of old book pages, some simple decorative artificial roses, and this gorgeous wreath became reality. Rolled book page wreath tutorial november 19, 2012 if youve been thinking of making a rolled book page wreath, now just might be the perfect time to do it. Im an avid reader and a lover of rustic chic diy so theres something about old book pages that just tugs at my heart.

How to make a recycled book page butterfly wreath out of pages from a damaged book and branches. How to decorate with book pages stationary this post goes way beyond the book page wreath. Last year, i made a spring wreath with a cute little bird and some bunting on it. You will want to read my previous post on making a book page wreath for the easiest way to crumble your book pages.

I love the look of them and i love the story behind them. How to make flowers out of book pages budget friendly diy. The pages need to be big enough to cut out a 4 x 4inch square. This book page paper wreath tutorial is the first diy home decor item ive made this spring and it is a dollar store craft. I took a short blogging break last week, but now im back now and i am ready for a new year and lots of diys. You will need several depending upon the size of your embroidery hoop. A great way to add to your home decor on a small budget. Made from vintage french book pages and embellished at the center with a vintage paper rose.

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